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Some Comfy Reasons to Choose a Quilt Over a Duvet

Are you looking for a way to make your bed “your own?” Are you craving for a bed that’s instantly comfortable and at home? Well, aside from choosing the right type of mattress, amount of pillows, and different sheet materials, you also need to consider the top layer of your bed. It will make your bed look amazingly comfy. And at the same time, you’ll feel relaxed. So between a quilt and a duvet, many people still buy quilt covers in Australia. Let’s learn more about the quilt cover option right here to see if it’s the right choice for you.

What Makes a Quilt, A QUILT?

A quilt sounds and looks like an old English word, which is why maybe some of you might think about the quilt covers that your grandmother made for your birthday. Quilts can also be used in many things, such as a picnic cover or a blanket. But aside from your distant memories, what exactly makes it as it is? When you see a bed cover with three layers, usually it’s a quilt. These three layers are composed of the backing, the front, and the batting. The backing serves as the foundation for the rest of the quilt.

You will find the colorful stitches and patterns at the front, and the batting is primarily lightweight and warm. That’s why many people choose a quilt for their bed covers because it’s comfortable and provides calming and friendly support for your body. 

Some Reasons to Choose a Quilt for Your Bed

How the quilt wraps around your body is like an embrace of a child. It lies close to your body, yet it doesn’t smother you. It’s lightweight and cool, the perfect option for those who quickly get hot. So it’s the perfect bed cover during the summer where you want to feel hugged without the heat. Aside from the lightweight factor, quilts are also great for layering. A quilt is an excellent choice for those who want their room and bed to look visually appealing. Since these are made out of different colors and patterns, you will indeed find something suitable for you.

A simple and down-to-earth look is what quilts are made for. As far as patterns and colors go, you can choose something that’s neutral and will make your home look welcoming and straightforward. At the same time, you get to enjoy a farm-like aesthetic that will make it feel and look homey. 

Final Thoughts

A quilt is a perfect choice for any reason and any season. You can elevate your bed and your room with it. So if you want to make sure you get the fitting bed covers, check out My Linen and the various quilt covers they have in store for you! You’ll instantly find something you’ll like for your bed.

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