Tips to Wash Fleece Fabric

Fleece is a knitted fabric used in all kind of apparel, duvet covers and home decor. It is made up of polyester fiber and has a napped finish. The fabric has excellent features like insulating properties, durability, breathability, softness, moisture management and so on.


Washing fleece fabric UK is sometimes necessary, but it’s also risky. Fleece garments are created with acrylic fibers that typically resist wrinkling and shrinking, but they can still get ruined by exposure to moisture or improper care.


Fleece clothing is still susceptible to damaging effects of water. The more times you wash your fleece garment, the quicker it will get worn out.


Fleece material UK is easy to clean when you follow the given washing tips:

  • Fleece clothing is made from acrylic fibers and is a machine washable fabric. Even so, there are ways you can wash fleece so that it will last longer and look good for a longer period of time.


  • The recommended temperature for washing fleece fabric is 30 degrees Celsius in warm water. Avoid exposing fleece to extremely hot or cold water; it could damage the fabric.


  • Use mild detergent that does not contain bleach or brighteners while washing fleece cloth.


  • Use the gentle cycle of your washing machine to wash fleece clothes. Avoid using highly agitating machine cycles which may damage the fabric.


  • Never wring out the fleece fabrics; it can cause damage to the fabric. Instead, roll them in towel and remove the excess water by pressing firmly with your hands.


  • Dry clean fleece clothes only when necessary because dry cleaning process can take away its insulating properties permanently. Instead, if you want to clean them at home, wash them gently by hand using mild detergent without any bleach or brighteners.


  • Wash your fleece garments separately. Keep them away from other clothes because the friction between fabrics can cause pilling on both types of fabrics. When washing any type of clothing separately, make sure there’s adequate room in the washing machine for the garment to move around freely. 


  • Wash new fleece items before wearing them. This might seem like common sense, but you want to make sure that the item doesn’t shrink on its first wash. 


  • Wash fleece garments inside out. This not only protects the outside of the garment from dirt and stains, it also keeps the fibers from rubbing together during washing, which can cause pilling. Use a gentle detergent designed for delicates or hand-wash garments with a mild soap and cold water.

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