Why Do You Want To Use The IQOS Cigarette?

IQOS is a breakthrough in tobacco control. Do you wish to stop smoking? It’s now that you can stop smoking. Learn all about IQOS – the revolutionary tobacco technology you can switch to.

With IQOS, There Is No Smoke But A Vapor.

Because it is high time that you and those around you enjoy a better way to smoke. IQOS doesn’t have any effect on indoor air quality. IQOS emits less stench and leaves fewer stains than cigarettes. IQOS aerosols/vapors also fade quicker than cigarette smoking.

IQOS can be found wherever you are. IQOS heats quickly and automatically shuts off when it’s finished. It’s that easy!

Certified To The Highest Standards.

IQOS was subject to extensive scientific evaluations. It has been through 18 clinical and 10 nonclinical trials, with thousands of participants. While there are some risks associated with using IQOS to quit smoking, switching to IQOS has shown to be less harmful than continuing to use it.

Why Heating Can Be Better.

Technology is essential for our lives. It has changed the way we live our lives over the years. It has revolutionized our work, communication, travel, and living. We have combined science with technology to find a better way to quit smoking.

IQOS or heat stick from is a way for adult smokers who are not able to stop smoking to be able to have better access and enjoyment of tobacco.

Heating Technology For The IQOS

A lit cigarette is heated to 600 degrees C. During combustion, smoke, and other ashes are released. A smoker can puff on a cigarette and the temperature of the burning cone of ash rises to 800°C.

Cigarette smoke contains more than 6000 chemicals. A total of 100 chemicals are linked to the development of smoking-related diseases in public health authorities.

Tobacco Vapor Vs Smoke

IQOS Tobacco vapor can be less harmful than cigarette cigarettes. IQOS performed extensive evaluations. There were 10 clinical studies on aerosol compounds. Data from 18 non-clinical trials was also available. This data was gathered from thousands of people in the US and Poland. There are some risks to using IQOS. However, switching to IQOS will pose fewer health problems than continuing smoking.

IQOS Emits Fewer Dangerous Chemicals Than Regular Cigarettes

Cigarettes are made from tobacco and produce high levels of carbon monoxide. IQOS is not a tobacco smoker and produces an average of 98% less carbon dioxide (CO) than cigarette smoking.

You might have heard of non-combusted cigarettes or heated tobacco products. These products heat dry tobacco to make an aerosol, which is inhaled by the user.

What Is It That Distinguishes Cigarettes From Non-Combusted Cigarettes And E-Cigarettes?

A cigarette is mostly made of tobacco leaves wrapped with cigarette paper. It can also include a filter, chemical additives, or other parts. The user lightens the tip of the cigarette to inhale the smoke and then blows it out through the unlit ends.

A non-combusted cigar is composed of tobacco and heating sources. You can wrap the tobacco in paper to make it a type of cigarette. To make an aerosol that can be inhaled, the tobacco has to be heated at a lower temperature than a regular cigarette.

An e-cigarette uses a liquid that can contain nicotine (typically derived in the tobacco plant), glycerin or propylene, flavorings, and other ingredients. The electric heat source heats the liquid to produce an aerosol, which the user inhales.

How Do Non-Combusted Cigarettes Work?

There are two types currently allowed for sale in the U.S. of non-combusted cigarettes. One type uses carbon tips wrapped in glass fibers. The carbon tip is lit and heated up to heat the dried tobacco. This does not cause the product’s size to shrink or to make ash.

A non-combusted tobacco cigarette was also approved by FDA in April 2019. It consists of an electronic heating system and sticks made from dried tobacco wrapped up in paper. The user places the stick inside the electronic heating unit, and the ceramic blade heats it.

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