5 Reasons Why Knitted Socks Are Better Than Purchased Socks

Buying socks seems so much easier than knitting them, right? But hand-knitted socks are much better than store- socks. Here are the 5 reasons to your why-

  • Best Fitting

 When you knit socks at the home, you take the measurement and then start knitting. Hence, they will have a better fit than the standard size socks you buy in the store. The store-bought socks are generally made for an average foot which means if your feet get fitted into your foot and won’t fall off. However, most of us don’t have the “average foot size “. High arches, narrow heels, square toes, shapely calves are the characteristics that differentiate our feet from the average feet. That is why get a sock yarn for yourself and knit the custom–made socks that are for your lovely foot.

  • More Comfortable

Ready-to-wear socks aren’t natural fibers. They are a handful of wool blended with cotton, nylon, polyester, or acrylic. This type of material ceases the air circulation to your skin cells. The feet feel like they are wrapped inside a plastic wrap. However, with the knitted socks, you are the master. You can choose the fiber mix that comforts you the most. If you want to keep your feet cooler, you can use cotton blends. To add a bit of luxurious tint to your socks, you can get a cashmere-blend yarn from Sock Yarn in Australia.

  • Fancier

Do you know what is the most difficult thing to find? It’s a nice pair of socks for a sheik black dress. Most of the stores sell athletic or novelty socks. In such cases, what should one wear to one’s wingtips? What if one wants to wear the socks with their initials on them? All this classy touch could be added by knitting the socks on your own. Knitting socks can be blended or customized according to the requirement of the occasions.

  • Full of variety in colors

The era of black and white socks is long gone. Now, everybody wants a blast of colors added to their clothing. You can design anything from sedate brown socks to wear with loafers to rainbow-explosion socks to wear to a Halloween Party. If stripped socks make your heart roll, there are ample self-striping yarns available in the market. There are thousands of yarns for hundreds of colors that you want to wear. You can create a handful of colorful socks with yarn and needles.

  • Unmatchable

People usually have pairs of identical socks. Wearing an epic single sock can be a task sometimes. However, there is no such reason to not match the socks. But you can experiment if you want to have fun with your feet. Also, the trend of mismatching things is at its peak. So, why not add a tint of fashion to your persona by wearing unmatched socks to the office!

I hope now you have realized the importance and uses of a hand-knitted sock. Get a sock yarn and start knitting!

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