All About Necklaces

Among all the different types of necklaces available on the market, some are more appropriate for specific occasions, such as weddings, engagements, birthdays, holidays, and others. Some can be worn in any situation, although casual events should not be treated as an exception, and you must ensure that the necklace is appropriate for the occasion. For instance, it is not applicable to wear a long necklace with a formal dress on a casual date, nor would it be appropriate to wear a necklace with a casual outfit to a formal event. The length of your necklace is based on three factors: its colour, material and size. Other considerations are if it is a one-string or two-string necklace, which has different purposes.

One of the most popular necklaces is the simple short lavaliere which is usually a close-necked style of lariat with a very short dangle. Generally made of chiffon, silk and velvet, it is considered flattering for most women’s bodies. Longer length necklaces are also available in many styles and those with a longer dangle; these are great for the formal office or other formal attire.

Many varieties of necklaces are suitable for evening wear, ranging from elegant pearl necklaces to ultra-contemporary chains. There are also many alternative lengths available, including those with an adjustable wrap or cathedral length dangles. You can also find liaras with a button back rather than having a dangle. Some liaras are shaped like circles, triangles, diamonds or baroque figures. Pearls are commonly used in modern necklaces, although some have included diamonds or other precious stones as accents. Chain necklaces with a flat bottom have been trendy recently.

For something different and a little classier than the chains, why not opt for a charm necklace? Necklaces that feature a single considerable charm are usually quite simple in design and do not require any wrapping. In contrast, longer necklaces that are paired with matching pendants tend to be more elaborate. In particular, you may find a single considerable charm dangling with a large matching chain or a single chain hanging on a more petite charm. A simple, solid coloured charm will be ideal if you are looking to add an element of sparkle or shimmer to your outfit. Otherwise, choose a complementary colour.

If you are looking for something a bit different to your run-of-the-mill everyday neckline, then you might want to consider a long necklace. These are perfect for casual or party wear and are often worn with jeans or leggings for a bright, understated look. Long length necklaces do not have to be restricted to long-sleeved outfits. You could team a short necklace with your favourite summer dress to create an exciting and unusual contrast. Long lengths are also often incorporated into sophisticated evening hairstyles, so it won’t be too much of a stretch to include this style into your regular wardrobe.

Rope necklaces are another option that you can explore. A rope necklace is designed to drape around the neck rather than snap or clasp. Instead of having one clasped at each end, a rope necklace has several. Two will usually work well for everyday wear, and a few extra will work better if you want to add a touch of sparkle or glitter to your outfit. The best part about rope necklaces is that there are no rules when it comes to style. Rope necklaces can range from simple, basic patterns to more complex designs, with every combination of materials, colours and lengths possible.

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