Does Zirconia Fade – If Properly Maintained, Then The Answer Is No

This might be your very first time when you are dealing with Cubic Zirconia. It is considered to be the most lookalike gem on the planet to that of the diamond. The similarities of the high graded Cubic Zirconia is so real that sometimes even the experts fail to make a difference out of the real and fake gems. Now, the real question that comes to your mind is does zirconia fade. Well, as it is not a natural mineral and made in the lab, people are quite skeptical to buy this product. However, if you have less money to invest in jewelry, going for Cubic Zirconia will be a good call to cover up.

Cleaning is really easy:

If you think that cleaning Cubic Zirconia is difficult then think again. With the help of a soft bristle brush and mild soap water, you can remove the accumulated dirt from the top of the Cubic Zirconia and let the shine sparkle beneath it well. Make sure to take lukewarm water and not hot water and mix only mild soap with it. When you are done scrubbing the jewelry in warm water, you can pat it dry using microfiber or the cotton cloth. For keeping the Cubic Zirconia from getting cloudy, clean it in every few months to maintain that shine well.

The secret to clean:

If you are able to take care of your gem once in every few months, then the answer to your question “does zirconia fade” will be negative. The shine will remain as good as new and you need not have to worry about that at all. The secret is mainly to clean all the areas of the stone, and including the bottom. A dirty underside, culet and pavilion can reduce the light performance and even the sparkle. So, make sure to clean every part of the Cubic Zirconia jewelry if you want that shine to come through.

Baking is not a good option:

You might come across people who claim that baking the Cubic Zirconia jewelry can remove the cloudiness or dullness. Well, this is just a myth and not recommended as it might cause the stone to gain a dark brown color and that will not make it look like a diamond. And the worst part is that it might even cause the Cubic Zirconia to break or shatter. Get professional help with the cleaning process now.

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