Go For All the Practical Solutions for Destination Wedding

Many of you dream of a wedding that is out of the ordinary. A union perhaps more intimate, with fewer guests but far from its region of residence. This is called a destination wedding, a wedding away from home which is thought and experienced as a journey. Originally from the United States, it is now a common practice throughout the world. You like the idea that things are not frozen and that everyone can imagine the big day of their dreams, in the cozy cocoon of his native region, the country of origin of his or her partner or companion or in an exotic and magical place. At the you can expect the best now.

Why Choose A Wedding Destination?

For the chosen one of your heart:

Weddings which mix cultures are always very moving. And sometimes the marriage traditions of a country make you dream. It often happens that one of the bride and groom moves away from thi country to celebrate their wedding in the country of origin of their loved one. It is first of all to honor him but also to anchor the mixture of their cultures and traditions under the sign of love.

For dream landscapes:

Entwined in the desert, at the foot of a snow-capped mountain or on a pontoon overlooking turquoise water, these images make you dream. By choosing a wedding destination they could well fill your wedding album. With an exotic destination you will spend a dream day in a setting that will be just as much. This is one way to make this day even more special and unique. Destination weddings are also very favorable playgrounds for wedding photographers.

To kill two birds with one stone:

To unite on the other side of the world is good, but staying there for a few days afterwards is even better. Destination weddings are also often used as a honeymoon. Once the guests have left, lovers can enjoy a few days alone in an idyllic setting. This is perfect when you want the honeymoon to be a continuation of the day of the ceremony. It’s easier to be already there than to get on a plane the day after your D-Day. At the Castillo Santa Catalina you can expect the best.

How to Organize a Wedding Destination?

It is quite possible to organize your wedding abroad on your own, just like for a wedding in this country. However, beyond the usual organizational part, additional administrative and logistical missions will have to be taken into account.

In this case all brides and grooms are advised to call on a wedding planner at least for the start of the preparations related to the country of destination. Keeping up to date with regulations, supporting documents etc. are rarely pleasant moments. A wedding professional who has the necessary experience will be more efficient, faster and will not forget any aspect. At the agency, a dedicated team can assist you on these subjects.

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