How To Safely Invest In Argyle Pink Diamonds?

Thinking of investing in lovely Argyle pink diamonds? Indeed, they are one of the most inspiring and fascinating investment assets you can rely on for expecting fruitful long-term returns. However, investments don’t come that easy. This means there remains a certain cruciality you must look up to before planning investments in rare diamonds. To prove this, we have highlighted certain important factors that you must keep in your checklist before investing related decisions.

Considering The Importance Of Colour 

While investing in pink diamonds you must pay attention to the kind of color they have. They are available in multiple tones that vary from faintest to the deepest pink hues, which are also the most expensive ones. Hues are the most important factor when it comes to evaluating their prices. Also, don’t become allured with tones of browns, reds, and orange since they are secondary tones and aren’t recognized much for value. Saturation also plays a significant role, it projects the intensity or strength of the hue. In the case of pink diamonds, the more intense or saturated their color is, the rarer and more valuable they remain.

Certifications And Grading

Reputed Gem laboratories like Gemological Institute of America are known for their valuable certifications of rare diamonds like pink, red, blue, and green. They are recognized globally and getting certifications for your diamonds from such reputed institutes can increase the protection of your assets and make them easier to resale later. They determine the grading of the stones as per the color intensity and strength.

Suitable For Long-Term Investments 

Investing in pink diamonds is one of the best decisions you can make. Financial investors have predicted an increase in market demand for the rare. Argyle pink diamonds in coming years since the Argyle mines will be seeing their final closure by 2023. Since the mine is an alone major source of the diamonds and there remains no alternative of their production, one can remain confident of assured profits but in long term investments. Buying pink diamonds for short terms will give no major profit.

Unaffected By Market Volatility 

Pink diamonds are the second rarest diamonds in the world after red diamonds. Years of research on their value evolution has strongly proven their worth in terms of global recognition, increase in market demand, fascinating and alluring investment, etc. These diamonds, being one of the precious and rare assets, therefore, are also well protected against the market and economic volatilities. While other investment options like stocks, equity, property, precious metals, etc. usually suffer uncertain financial parameters.

Insuring Your Diamond 

While buying diamonds, you should look for insurance options as well. Since today everything might predict risk, insurance remains one of the safest guarantees for a better and risk-free future.

Size Matters 

Large pink diamonds are naturally more valuable and worthier of high returns. So, if you are considering getting one, take special care of the size.

Fancy Versus Round 

Round cut diamonds are most cherished in the world, but only in the case of colorless. Pink diamonds look more inspiring and scoring, when they are fancy cut since they bring out their deep colors in their best shine.


After going through all the points above, you can make a well-thought decision before investing in these rare stones.

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