Knowing about Warzone drop points

In the multiplayer level, while on the map, you will need to learn how to utilize the Warzone aimbot. It can only be possible if you understand the drop points to make as your starting points to aim better.


You have to know what happens if you start from the superstore. While you will not have luck finding the traditional groceries, if you start from the Superstores, you will come across several piles of loot as well as enough cover. Fans who like indoor fighting will be able to feel at home starting from the Superstore.

If loot doesn’t prove to be satisfying, then the airport is to the north while the storage town you will be able to find it in the Westward, so one is sure to find more supplies close by. In case the location becomes more comparable to the center, one may not have to move.


Generally you will find the outskirt to be the best to start for your match. The back of one is generally on the boundary, which makes it possible for  a bullet to be able to hit back. The section on the northwest of the map is one that proves to be a great place to be able to land, as several houses in the area have a lot of loot.

It also looks over the dam. If you are fortunate enough, you will be able to get a sniper rifle.  It makes it a great point of vantage, especially when you consider the Dam below always busy.


While it might not be advisable to go to the center of the dam if you land on either side of it can be great for you to get some loot and then potentially the drop on some of those who dropped at the center of the dam.

Perhaps they did so to recreate a James Bond moment of the GoldenEye, but that is not encouraged when it comes to the battlefield that is hectic like the Verdansk.  Even with its geographical advantage, one needs to be alert when dropping on the side of the dam. It is a first-person shooter, and dams tend to be popular locations to the extreme in such genre.


Think of a favorite map from Modern Warfare 2, bringing out the airport providing all types of playstyle. An indoor environment is large for the engagement of close quarters, which is vertical for snipers. There is also a runaway for long-range combat. It is what makes the loot to be in plenty.

The buy station is one that is heavily exposed and thus, making it to be a trap. The tarmac with the destroyed airplane is a strong place to hold up,  assuming that nobody else is there already. Given its various designs,  it is best to travel via the structure with a squad that is well coordinated of three people.


It is a giant building but hard to enter in it. The sides are lined with contracts and loot, thus becoming an excellent way to collect cash and guns when the match starts.

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