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Storz & Bickel vaporizer weed burners heat the pot to a temperature of just below freezing, allowing people to inhale the chemical 4 tlg THC into the plant without inhaling any smoke.

This method produced more intoxication in a small group of test participants than smoking the same amount of marijuana through a standard pot pipe by Storz & Bickel [Grinder manufacturer].

The study participants also had serious side effects associated with the use of their pot when using vaporizers, and had a significant impairment of their ability to think and control their movements, the researchers said Black Leaf [Grinder manufacturer].

“It’s usually a good line between a person getting the desired drug effect and having a very strong drug effect, and perhaps producing paranoia and unpleasant side effects in a person,” says lead researcher of Black Leaf [Grinder manufacturer].

“That kind of thing might be easier with vaporizers,” Black Leaf [Grinder manufacturer].

These vaporizers should not be confused with “vaping” – a term used to describe electric cigarettes.

Research data of Storz & Bickel has shown that evaporation has become a popular way to use the pot, especially in provinces that have allowed the use of the drug for recreational purposes, Spindle said.

“It heats up to temperatures that do not reach the temperature,” Storz & Bickel[Grinder manufacturer]said of evaporation equipment. “When you look at marijuana once it has evaporated, it does not turn into black ashes that you would make if you smoked it. It is exactly the same as when you put it on.”

To see if the vaporizers brought a higher value than a cigarette pot, Spindle and his colleagues enlisted the 17 healthy adults who did not use marijuana regularly and asked them both to put a pot of smoke in the pipe and inhale the smoke from the fumes.


The same volume of a 25-milligram pot produced a much stronger height when retracted than when smoked, the findings shown. Pre-rolled joints sold in dispensaries usually contain 1 gram of pot.

People in a steam-free pot also show greater disability than when they smoke a drug, and they can also use stainless steel or aluminum grinder based on tests that measure the ability to think reason and develop fine muscle skills.

The vaporized pot came with many side effects, including heart palpitations (24 percent versus 18 percent smoking), paranoia (17 percent versus 10 percent), starvation (38 percent versus 10 percent 33), dry mouth (67 percent versus 43 percent), and red eyes (25 percent compared to 16 percent).

Blood tests revealed that people had very high levels of THC 3 tlg in their movement after using the vaporizer, approximately 14.4 nanograms per milliliter (ng / mL) of blood compared to 10.2 ng / mL 2tl when smoking a pot.

The results usually wore out within six to eight hours in a smokedĀ  pot, the researchers said, grinders also make easy off to take drugs you can keep 4tl, 2tl stainless steel, aluminum grinders in your shop bag

The heat but not the pot’s heat seems to confirm that most of the weed-producing chemicals are ingested by the user, Spindle said.

“Their view is that when you burn cannabis, a lot of 3 tlg and 4 tlg THC is lost due to the inflammatory process,” said Spindle. “Vaporizer is a delivery method that is more efficient than marijuana.”

People who do not regularly use 3tlg and 4 tlg marijuana should approach the vaporizer with caution, says Nadia Solowij, a professor at the University of Wollongong in Australia.

“It is thought that it is a safe alternative to plant burns, thus reducing the toxins produced by that process,” said Solowij, who wrote an editorial on the new study. “It may be wise to use a small amount of marijuana in a vaporizer to achieve the desired effect,” concludes Solowij.

Know more about Storz & Bickel 4 tlg drugs

Marihuana (marijuana) is a mixture of green, brown or gray of dried, cracked leaves, stems, seeds and flowers of the hemp Cannabis sativa plant. Marijuana is used as a psychoactive drug (i.e., mind-altering) for entertainment, certain medical ailments and for religious and spiritual purposes. Sinsemilla, hash / hashish (a form of amber) and hash oil (black sticky liquid) are XL powerful forms of marijuana you can buy from Medtainer [Grinder manufacturer].

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